Many of you have already met one of this weird guy like me that are crazy about Apple. Many are asking themselves : Where does this passion come from ?

Despite the innumerable testimonys, the advertising campaigns and the attempt to explain that by the “macmaniacs”, all was not said yet.

With this website, which has got a success that is still amazing me, I tried to clarify a bit, telling my personnal experiment and trying to give some original reflexions on the strategy and on the vision of this company like no other, which is at the top of innovation for more thant thirty years now, and continues to feed as many impassioned reactions.

My attachment to Apple can be explained by a lot of reasons – and not only by the fact that I knew Steve Jobs a little bit and tried to support an alliance with French national education in the 80’s.

Since 1976, Apple has got a vision and wants to change the world, offering products which are supporting creativity and autonomy and who are permitting the accomplishment of the human being.

The last keynote of Steve Jobs presenting the iPhone is on the same kind : mac revolutionized computer in 1984, iPod revolutionized the relation with music in 2001 and the iPhone wants to revolutionize the phone in 2007.

That’s why since 1979, I never had any other computer as an Apple…

And since this date, the pleasure is always renewed. Each time I sit in front of my keyboard, it’s like a repetitive jubilation, a motivation, some time an inspiration.

I do sincerely believe that beautiful technology, when you get the chance to use it, pushes us to be more creative, more clever and more open to others.

Don’t hesitate to react!

Thanks a lot to the impressive number of people who have writed to me, most of them really sympathetic and encouraging, but also to the critics and diverse precisions, which permits to deliver more accurate informations.

I am surprised and sincerely happy of all those reactions, and I try to answer to all of them little by little!

That’s one of the reason why I give the date of the updates in order for you to know when there’s something new (I’m not such good with RSS yet ;-) ).

Thanks a lot to Boro and MacPlus.

On iWeb and this website

I precise that I wanted to have fun and discover the potential of iWeb, and that I have made this small site during a Sunday afternoon (rainy obviously !). Nothing to compare with Dreamweaver, but still so easy to use, and a lot more user-friendly! Furthermore, iWeb 1 is just a first step, I’m sure that if we as users suggest what seems really important to us, the second version will be dramatically better! On this matter the example of iPhoto is really impressive : at the beginning a funny and nice software. Then exciting, but desperately slow… And then with the version 6, really powerful and serious (but still subject to improvements, like with the exchange of album from one photo library to another…). To create those pages, I can find a photo beyond 24 000 (45 Go!)… So let’s continue to send improvement suggestions to Apple (like some “rollover” which could be really useful).

Mac disadvantages  ???

A few people (really a few!) are telling me that this website is a bit too laudatory or not critic enough. I’m sorry, but positive is so largely exceeding negative, and I really think that to tell my (rare) misfortunes with Apple will not give any interesting information to the reader of those lines (forums do that really good). And we also should make a filter between Apple and Apple France. As a conclusion, when I look hard in my memory, I only see some trifles on after sale questions that I have always seen as cultural differences between latin and anglosaxon, speaking truly. The only big problems I had were ALWAYS covered by Applecare.

In order to detail that, I have added in November 2006 a new page named ‘Why so much misunderstanding?’.

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Thanks to Clarence Michel who translate this website in english.